Mon 16 Aug 2021 11:01

Dear Members

All adult and age grade competitions are anticipated to start in September as normal, under full laws.

 the RFU has published a new Return to Community Rugby Roadmap.

  • View the Return To Rugby Roadmap.
  • The roadmap summarises the plan for a phased return to full contact rugby, subject to each step on the government roadmap being met.

    A six-stage process has been followed to guide rugby coaches and players through the return process from  Ready4Rugby, O2 Touch and limited contact training sessions at the end of March, to full contact matches anticipated in September.

    In season 2021/22, the shift to the next set of age group rules is delayed until Saturday 1 January 2022. (E.g. U10s in 2021/22 will play U9 rules before Christmas and U10 rules after Christmas.) For girls that are in the multi-age U13, U15 and U18 bandings, they will move into that age band and play to those rules from September. Training and playing guidance will be provided to ensure safe progression and transition.

As always, follow us on facebook and twitter, see our website for membership and further information, or drop us an email at chippingnortonrugby@gmail.comif you want to play, coach or volunteer in any other way

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