Chippy rugby playing legends

Thought your playing days were over!  Think again

To all Legends male or female out there who are thinking that they need to do some exercise.

Legends who are carrying injuries and can’t take the risk any more.

Legends that are of a certain age and are unable to play because of the risk.

Legends who are not allowed to play contact rugby because their wives/Husbands won’t let them.

Legends whose  first digit of their age is nearly always bigger than the second digit

I want you all back on that park

Walking rugby is coming to Our Club and you are all invited.

Or maybe just a get together to have a laugh and talk about old times
Whatever it may be you are welcome

Starting on June 1st  6pm until 7pm
With as many breaks in the game as you want.

Who’s up for it

Just come along and there’s No age limit.

Thank you sparing your time to read this !!!!!!!

I WANT YOU !!!!!

Mark Clarke  (Head Coach)

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