All requests for new kit must be passed through the committee. Only official kit design will be supplied, unless specifically purchased as an away kit (for matches where kits clash).

All teams must play in the official club colours. 

Shirts: Red and Black Hoops 

Shorts: Black 

Stockings: Red and Black Hoops.

Each request for new kit must include:

  1. Volume of Kit required 
  2. Date kit required by.
  3. Any sponsorship opportunity 
  4. Design of sponsors logo 
  5. Position of logo on shirts/shorts 

All kit will be purchased by the club committee from the contracted kit supplier for the relevant period.

Where this is not possible the committee will offer to purchase from an alternative supplier.

All kit should be ordered as a single order where possible.

Kit should be numbered on the back.

Any sponsorship logos will be positioned either on the front or sleeve of the shirt, or on the shorts (leg or back).

The size of any logo must not detract from the club image.


Any request to sponsor a team should be passed to the committee. Each request should include:

Sponsors name

Sponsor field of business.

Potential value of sponsorship.

Once agreed the committee will confirm that the sponsorship conforms to RFU and Club guidelines and allocate these funds to the respective team/age group. 

Any monies should be paid to the club via the team coach/manager who will transfer the funds to the club who will then order the kit. Any monies that are raised for a specific team /age group will be allocated in full to that team/age group.

Unfortunately the committee will reject sponsorship from any source that they feel does not comply with RFU / Club Guideline