Dear Parent & Player  

Welcome to a new season at Chipping Norton Rugby Union Football Club which starts on Sunday 5th September 2021.  We are accredited with the RFU and have signed up to England Rugby’s Quilter Kids rugby which puts children at the heart of the sport and encourage fun, confidence and champions rugby’s core values of:-

Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship  For more info. visit:-

For those of you not familiar with the club as yet, Chipping Norton RUFC was formed in 1978 and has grown to over 400 members, attracting players from the town and all the local villages and beyond.  We pride ourselves on being an all inclusive club. There is a position for every size, shape and ability in rugby and we welcome all-comers.  Social members too, our clubhouse has great facilities, its warm, welcoming and has free Wi-fi and great coffee.

The Youth section is growing from strength to strength. They have in their own right been an amazing success story. We have over 300 children aged from 6-18 and from many different schools and backgrounds turning up each week to take part in this glorious game of rugby. 

Senior Coach (Mark Clarke) is building on a successful season having moved up to the  the Berks, Bucks and Oxon league after finishing top of the table in 2018/19. Sadly Covid 19 and Lockdown made it impossible for them to capitalise on this success.  Mark and his coaching team will bring quality coaching and a new Colts (Development) team that will help bridge the gap between Juniors and Seniors with the support of the current 1st team players to assist coaching the U15 and a joint U17/18 team. 

Rugby is just one aspect of Chipping Norton Rugby Club, the facilities are there for you to use and enjoy and we encourage you to consider joining our growing membership base. Apart from the opportunity to apply for international rugby tickets there are many social events throughout the year to enjoy and a membership to suit everyone’s needs. 

Our website integrates seamlessly with the RFU’s Game Management System (GMS) which controls membership and registration.  Support and training for the system can be found by clicking the link below.

Every member can access the site and update their profile.  Coaches and Team Managers can access player details.  Please contact our Data Officer to discuss your role and access permissions for GMS by emailing

Please use the information tab on the website to access the clubs policies and guidance.

The rugby club is run by volunteers and it is thanks to their enthusiasm, dedication and love of the game that we have such a happy, inclusive club. If you are interested in helping out please do speak to Frances Morton

We look forward to meeting you over the next few weeks. 

Yours in Rugby

Patrick Neale (Chairman)

Core Values

As young players we are taught to follow the Core Values of rugby and it is important that you do too.  

These values are:-

Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship

Respect is very important and under the Core Values it says: 

  • We respect our match officials and accept their decisions.
  • We respect opposition players and supporters.
  • We value our coaches and those who run our clubs. 

We are also taught under Sportsmanship:

  • We observe fair play both on and off the pitch and are generous in victory and dignified in defeat.

We play because we enjoy it. Enjoyment is what our game is about.

We want you to enjoy the game as much as we do and to show your team and the opposition the respect and support they deserve.

We do not want our game spoilt by the bad behaviour of adults: parents, coaches or spectators.

We respect our referees, they are in charge of the game and give up their time so that we can play. They are volunteers and do their best to make sure that we are safe and having fun.

We want you to respect our referees too.

We value our coaches and respect players from the opposition, their coaches and supporters.

We want you to value and respect them too.

Don’t shout at the referee please and don’t make comments about our performance or the opposition team’s performance.

This is our team, our club and our sport. Please don’t spoil it. We learn to be generous in victory and dignified in defeat and we want you to be too.Rugby -  Structure

The RFU, the governing body of Rugby Union, maintains control over the development of the game, its players and how it is played e.g the RFU limits the numbers of fixtures to be played, provides laws and guidelines which lay down the ages at which tackling can be introduced.


All our coaches must hold current DBS certificates.  Our Safeguarding officer is Steve Kelly - email

Mini Rugby (U6-U12)

Mini rugby is designed to introduce children to the basics of the game in a safe environment, and in line with their physical abilities and at their own pace — letting them run, chase, throw, catch and learn teamwork.  Boys and girls play together on an equal footing. The club runs teams based on school years - this relates to a child’s age on the 1st September and the child remains in that age group for their youth rugby career.

Mini Rugby (U6, U7 & U8)

These groups play non-contact “tag” rugby.  The main aim is to develop the basic skills such as passing the ball backwards, catching a pass, running into space and of course, scoring tries.  The players wear a belt with 2 velcro tags.  A tackle is made when the opposition pull one of the tags off the ball carriers belt and calls “tag”.  Once the ball carrier has been tagged they must attempt to stop immediately and pass the ball to another team member before reclaiming their tag, re-attaching it then continue with the game.  There is no contact, tackling, scrums, line outs or kicking.

U6’s are permitted to train with the U7’s but are not allowed to play in games until their 6th Birthday.

(U9 - U13)

U9 rugby introduces full tackles for the first time.  The team sizes and the length of the game increases.  More of the complexities of rucking, mauling, scrums and line outs are added each year, teams get bigger and so do the size of the pitches.

Junior rugby (U14 - U18)

Structured for the U14’s to U18’s, the players evolve into a 15 a-side full contact games, putting into practice all the skills and techniques they have learned through the mini development programme.  There are some key skills relating to scrummaging and line outs that are not permitted at the younger age groups but are reserved for adult rugby only.The playing season

There will be training or competitions every Sunday morning between 30th August and the 1st May (weather permitting) excluding Christmas Day and Easter Sunday.  The fixtures are arranged and published in advance — see the club website

Changes at short notice will be advised by your team coach or team manager.

Sunday Morning coaching sessions

Mini coaching is on Sunday mornings between 10am and 12am.  Coaching  is player centric and is always fun.  It involves rugby handling skills, moves, non-contact games for the older groups.  Parents are required to stay on the site during training. Refreshments are available in the clubhouse.

Juniors coaching is on Sunday mornings between 10am and 12pm.  Age groups may combine for practice matches.  This will be at the discretion of the team coaches who will always bear in mind the RFU regulations and the safety of the children is paramount.

Sunday Fixtures

All age groups play fixtures and Rugby festivals against other Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, and Warwickshire clubs. Fixtures are arranged at a County Fixtures meeting between individual clubs.  There are also competitive tournaments.  The Oxfordshire festivals are held towards the end of the season. At U14 and above the teams compete in a league and cup format.

Parents should ensure that they know whether there is a match or training on any given date.  Also if your child has been chosen to play in a game and then becomes unavailable, you should let the team coach or team manager know as soon as possible so that a team selection can be made.

The Clubhouse

There is always a warm welcome for you in the clubhouse.  In 2015 we achieved a “legacy gold standard award” for our clubhouse facilities. We have a licensed bar and delicious coffee from Rijo 42.  We have a large screen for viewing international matches and several TV’s around our social space with comfortable chairs in our “Arthur Nockells” area.

All rugby boots and any muddy footwear is to be left outside or in the front foyer.  


Dogs are not permitted on the pitches even on a lead. If you bring your dog please keep it on the patio at the front of the clubhouse.


Chipping Norton RUFC play is red and black hooped shirts, black shorts and black socks with red tops.

Chipping Norton’s kit purchasing and sponsorship policy can be found through the navigation menu Info link on the clubs website.

Scorpion have been anounced as the clubs official supplier of our team kit.  Please click on the link below to our online shop.

Opro Mouth guards are available to purchase from the club shop.  Mouth guards are compulsory from the age of 9 upwards.  We strongly recommend them at all ages.

Winter clothing - It is essential that parents ensure that the players have sufficient winter clothing with them every Sunday.  Chipping Norton can get  a few degrees colder than the surrounding area. There is always a little standing around especially at festivals.

All players must be aware that rugby boots are not permitted in the clubhouse and this applies to muddy boots of parents and spectators too!  We have wonderful facilities let’s look after them.  It’s a good idea to have a kit bag to change into clean dry shoes and clothes.

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